Girls and politics

I don’t normally discuss politics in my blog, because usually I don’t feel eloquent enough to write a paragraph with the coherency the topic deserves.  However, it doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to them. I think I’m above average when it comes to being politically aware.  I’ve been keeping up with Canadian politics, but also I’ve been keeping a close watch on American politics too. The reason is simply because the U.S. is such a huge entity in the world, it is important for other countries to take a vested interest in what’s going on there.

This running mate’s got hair plugs.

This running mate was a beauty queen.

Which future VP would you vote for?

I wrote about Hilary going for the Democratic candidacy about a year and a half ago and I’ve watched the drama unfold ever since. Because I had little control in the situation (I couldn’t vote), all I could do is observe and try to be as objective as possible. If given the right to vote for a Democratic candidate, I probably would have given my vote to her.  However, it isn’t because I had anything against Mr. Obama. I think a lot of people were voting for what these two people represent superficially…  Clinton because she is a woman, and Obama because he’s a visual minority, aka a black man. It is often the wrong approach to take.  Because as I’ve learned time and again, it doesn’t matter your gender or the colour of your skin. You can still be a complete asshole.

Now, I also paid attention to what was going on in the Republican camp, and I was rooting for John McCain because I did believe as far as republicans go, that Mr. McCain is definitely not George W.  I think he would bring a much needed change to his party.  It’ll be an interesting race, and though I’m leaning Democrat, I did not believe it would be a 3rd term George W.  Yet nowadays, I’m beginning to think, from what I’ve been reading on various political blog sites, that Mr. McCain is no longer in control of his campaign. And the biggest indicator of that is because he chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

Obama snubbed Ms. Clinton for potential VP and went with old Joe Biden, presumably to answer the critics regarding his own inexperience.  Biden has about or over 30 years experience.   The McCain camped jumped on Obama that he couldn’t be progressive enough to a woman on the ticket, so they did something that to me was so completely transparent, they went ahead and did it themselves.  There were several other arguably better choices that McCain could have made, and supposedly he’s only had extremely few encounters with Ms. Palin in the past. He instead went with the  image and this kinda diffuses all the criticism about Obama’s experience because she’s only served one term as governor of Alaska. The Republicans did what the democrats couldn’t and put a woman on the presidential ticket.

And to that I say: So what?

The initial idea is to get the disgruntled Clinton supporters over to their side, but I would honestly love to give American women more credit than that. Sarah Palin’s information is emerging all over the blogs and news sites. The former beauty queen has five kids, and is admittedly “just your average hockey mom in Alaska”.  I’m having Housewives of Orange County flashbacks about now.  She’s also anti-abortion, pro-gun, and pro-drilling.  All this and bonus controversy baggage as well.  Until more information comes down the pipeline (and she does like ’em pipelines), she’s just coming off as a female Dick Cheney. I like John McCain, but I already have a dislike for this lady already.   Before her entrance into the stage, I wouldn’t have minded if Mr. McCain were elected president, but now I’m hoping to the noodly god Americans choose Obama instead. It’s been said on several other blogs before, if the Republicans win, she is one heart beat away from being president. So yay, Americans have a president with a vagina, but boo, if she  turns out she’s a bit of a twat.

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