Girl’s got a brand new bag

Going to the mall when one is on a budget is not extremely fun. I know that I’ve set myself back with the bike purchase, but maybe it’s the wonderful break in the weather recently, I’ve felt that I need to go out and do more shopping. Boyfriend took me to the mall over the weekend, and all I pretty much did was flit around from store to store checking out what’s on the racks, searching for the perfect casual shoe at the perfect casual price. It’s hard to justify clothing purchases when my shirt drawer in my cheap Ikea dresser is coming apart at the bottom because I keep overstuffing it with shirts I think I really need.

As for shoes… all I want is a simple pair of slip-ons or skate shoes or something like that to replace my old ones that are wearing uncomfortably thin at the soles. But I haven’t been able to find one that I like, and there’s an added difficulty of trying to avoid leather if I could. I’ve seen plenty of shoes that I considered cute, but I haven’t justified to myself if they are indeed worth the money or if I could handle what I have currently at home for another year or so.

In the end, I ended up with something a bit more practical than clothes or shoes, and that being a new backpack. True, I have two backpacks already, but the cheap pink one is old and neither of them are actually practical for being on a bike. My new one has a laptop sleeve, pockets for all my gadgets and has enough room for grocery trips and a weekend wardrobe for my trips to T.O. It also has a chest strap, which ideally should be handy for cycling. It also has the added bonus of being red flannel… though I can’t decide if it actually is a bonus or if I’ll hate it in a few months when it really starts making me think of the Red Green show.

This week, I’m gearing up to do some much needed spring time lawn care. I hate doing it, but I also hate having the shittiest back yard on the block.Sigh.

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