Happy Holidays

Well, I knew that I would be venturing off to my family's house in Mississauga to do the whole Christmas thing, but I didn't quite take their warnings of “we have no internet” quite seriously. So yes, I've been spending my holidays in the dark lonely void of the house with no interwebs. I'm such a trooper.

Despite it all, the holidays were nice. My family is always interesting and I always come back from these things carrying along some deep introspection about my life and how I want to do things. I certainly have some heavy resolutions to look forward to.

The Tofurky was introduced to my relatives this year. Even though I'm the only vegetarian in the lot, aside from my cousin who is a pescatarian. It seemed to hold its own amongst the ham, and the smoked salmon. As always there was pasta ready and available for me. I write that with heavy sarcasm. I'm beginning to think there's a special place in hell for hosts who serve up the plain tomato sauce rigatoni for their vegetarian guests.

I'm back at home now, and while I'm on vacation, I do intend to get a few things done around here. My dad just gave me a box full of tulip bulbs (about three hundred or so), from my uncle who is a landscaper. I guess I'm supposed to find somewhere to plant them. I also need to clean out the basement, move a few heavy items into storage, clean out my closet and do some hard “editting”. Packrats run in my family, and I don't want to be one of those anymore. So I guess it's really not a vacation at all.

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