Hello ’09

I cut off this guy’s legs and made soup out of him.  It’s okay, he was already headless. That’s really just a garlic bulb.

For the past two days I’ve been serving myself delicious Lugaw for dinner because comfort food is the best.  Tonight I’m going to experiment with fake soy meat and peanut sauce with stir fried frozen veggies. I hope it doesn’t taste as lame as that sounds.

Anyway, resolutions: I’m looking forward to this year. I think everything I’ve mentally prepared for from last year will be worth it, even though last year had been a mess of problems. And you know, I think resolutions are stupid, but every year we make them for the New Year’s anyway. The problem is sticking through them. I only succeeded in one of my resolutions last year… which was to save up a lot of money.  But that is life.

This year, the resolution to save up money continues, after all we are in an economic recession.  I’m also going to try to make a pact to start taking care of my over all appearance, but I don’t know when that will start.   This also includes the general physique area. I don’t have to worry at all about losing weight, but I should take care of my soggy bits a bit and tone up.  Yay for yoga!

And though this isn’t a resolution, I’m planning to buy a car soon.  I still don’t plan on using it every day… walking/biking to work is fine for me, but I’d just really like the convenience at this point.  I know environmentalists and cyclists may criticize me for this, but I never set out to be an ecomartyr and after like four years of not owning a car, I think I’ve done my part.

I’m also going to try to blog at least once a day. Ha! That’s a resolution that will end well.

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