Hello Monday!

I just finished dinner.. President’s Choice World’s Best Meatless “Chicken breast” with grilled tomatoes and asparagus. I’ve somewhat succeeded in kicking my morning habit of coffee, and I took it a step further by eating mostly raw meals. Though right now, to me, raw means salads and lots of it. Over the weekend, I was able to indulge with food a bit. I even had a couple of lattes. Tonight was the first time I used a heat element for myself at home, other than a crock pot full of vegetarian chilli for a vegan potluck we had at work on Friday.

I had a great weekend. I spent it in Toronto with the boy, even though I should have been here spring cleaning. But I wanted to see him, and I got a lot done on Saturday morning. We played a lot of Gears of War co-op, visited Ikea and even made our own pizzas. Working with pizza dough was interesting, but it was something fun that we got to do together.

Back to Monday, back to work, even at home. I can’t deal with all the weeds in the backyard. It’s really disheartening. But the seeds I’ve planted in various places are coming up, which is really nice.

Tomato update: I left the tomatoes out for a couple of hours on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, it was windy and the wind knocked my romas over. They seemed to survive though, and i promptly brought them back in. Today, I left them out for a lot longer. It was very sunny and warm. Unfortunately, i think one of them got too stressed out, so it started to wilt. I brought it back in and propped them up with wooden chopsticks. I’ll keep bringing them outside, and hope that the stress won’t kill them outright.

2 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Hi Andie! /wave :)

    The romas look like they’re doing well now with the hardening. The cherries… not so well, lol. But we’ll see how this works out soon…

  2. Sometimes it helps to harden off plants in the shade for the first couple of days when plants haven’t ever seen the sun before. :) Although wilting when hardening off is common anyway, i’m sure your tomatos will do great. The plot you made looks great, so they’ll be happy there. :)

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