Here’s my comeback!

I was biking away from the mall the other day, after getting a prescription for a puffer. Apparently, according to my doctor, I’m mildly asthmatic now. I’m not sure if I believe him. Though I think I’d sooner believe him if he told me that my erratic breathing problems, mild as they are, were indications of some kind of cancer. Lymphoma, maybe. It runs in the family.

Anyway, I was on my bike when some dude on a motorcycle pulled up beside me.

“Hey,” he said. “It’d be a lot easier if you had a motor!”

He said it pleasantly, jovially and all i could do was give him a big smile. Because after grumbling about having asthma, what else could i say as he zoomed off. But as always, it comes to me like, five minutes later…

“You’re looking at the motor, dude, and the motor’s running fine!”

Yeah, that’s the best I got.

In other news, I was totally in a very crammed elevator with Dalton McGuinty today. That’s all I have to say about that.

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