Hilary for president

Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton is now making a bid for the White House. I am not an American, and though I’m not exactly fond of George W. Bush, I don’t hate him like many liberal-minded people do. I’ve been keeping up on the US situation and observing sort of passively with a “let’s see what happens next” sort of attitude. Having a female US president would be highly intriguing. Canada already went the chick Prime Minister route, but Kim Campbell wasn’t elected to office. She simply replaced PM Brian Mulroney who stepped down for failing so much. She in turn, continued to fail.

The other democratic candidate who recently announced his presidential plans is Barack Obama who is the son of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya. But they never say he’s a white guy. I suppose it’s still all about the colour of your skin in the news.

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