holy crap I'm tired

The biggest problem with me now is being able to get around for any significant amount of time without getting tired. I was in bed for a month, so I'll get back in shape before too long, but in the here and now, it's sort of frustrating. Yesterday, I went out for lunch with Dave and a bunch of co-worker buddies. I had intended to take a cab back home, but a bus was right there, so I took that instead. It let me off just a few doors away from my house. I had to cross a street, so falling into habit, I tried to speed up a little on the road. My legs didn't like that at all. They gave out and my chin had a sudden , but intimate moment with the pavement. It was pretty embarassing. I'd like to say it looked worse than it actually was, but I won't because it hurt like a mofo. However, I *was* bleeding more from the cut on my lip (from where I bit it when i fell) than the chin, so to the passersby that asked if I needed help, I probably looked like a freaky bloody mess.

I found a new family doctor (hopefully) at the clinic right beside where I work. Prior to that, I had to go all the way out to Niagara-On-The-Lake to see a doctor, so this will be much more convenient.

I'm going to go take a small nap now. An occupational therapist will be by shortly to see how I'm getting by around the house. After she leaves, I'll probably take another nap then play Halo 2.

And no, I didn't get Half Life 2 or Metroid Prime 2 yet. They'll be mine by the weekend though. I really do just want to play Halo first at least. :)

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