Home and crappy Gardens

Ok, I’ve come to the conclusion that I suck at gardening. I like the idea of designing landscapes. I like pretty flowers. I’ve done so much internet and magazine research that I can tell you if an Echinacea Purpurea is a perennial, when it blooms and when to seed it. I even know how to patch grass. However, all that knowledge fails me at the actual implementation level. I just can’t get it together.

I just do not have the patience. I hardly have the patience to roll up the water hose anymore after I spend 10 minutes watering the above mentioned plant after i’ve nearly dehydrated it. The weeds in my backyard lawn are rampant. There are still wild violets and knotweeds everywhere. There are different varieties of weird plants that have taken root under my deck, and creeping through my newly laid brick. I could easily just snip them all down, but I don’t bother giving myself the time. I don’t like killing bugs, I dislike spider webs, I don’t like plant sap on my hands and I don’t like digging in dirt. Having the perfect outdoor space would be really nice, but i just can’t be bothered with the work involved.

What more, I have something in the my backyard that enjoys digging up or around my baby ostrich ferns. I have to monitor them every morning to make sure none of them are dug up. And to top it all off, something (or someone) stole my best Sunflower. I planted these sunflowers from seed over a month ago and have been happily anticipating them bloom. Several of the seedlings seemed to have died, from what, I’m not sure. I may have overfertilized them. Last week, my mother came by and weed-whacked some more seedlings, thinking they were weeds…. So I have 3 sunflower plants which are in bloom. These type of sunflowers don’t grow too high. The primary flower was a beautiful, big flower, streaked with orange and red. I planned to take pictures when more of the blooms were ready, but when I checked this morning, that flower was totally gone. Not the plant, just that one big flower. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I’ve just about given up. The next place I live in will not have a yard. I will grow cherry tomatoes in pots on a balconey but no more of this lawn and garden crap.

In other exciting domestic news, I’m almost finished painting my bedroom. Hopefully I’ll have new pics by next week. :p

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