How I plan to spend my Monday Night

Hello folks. I’m about to post to my journal something few people are permitted to see. And if they do see it, it’s followed by profused apologizing, prostrating and excuse giving.

This is my kitchen.

kitchen o' horrorsNot for the faint of heart…

I know what you’re thinking: why would you want to show people that? Why would you want to publically admit you live like a slob??!That mess you’re seeing is what accumulated after a weekend of making meals and not bothering to clean anything up. I’ve been lazy, I procrastinate and I’m a slob. It’s a small kitchen, so I’m constantly shifting things to their improper places to make room for myself, thus creating more mess. Tonight, I plan to do something about this.

I’m posting this pictures to keep me honest. Before I go to bed tonight, this kitchen will not only be spotless, but organized too.

We’ll see how we do. :)

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