Humungous calamari rings

Well they captured and accidentally killed an Architeuthis. As fascinating as the subject is to me, this fucking sucks.

We live in a world where there are no mysteries left, and yet we keep probing, and interfering because of the human's inherent need to find more information. To this date, I'm not entirely sure why people feel the need to capture a giant squid, being as rare as they are, and take it out of it's natural habitat to study and probe it, subjecting it to uncomfortable tests and experiments. What more information do people need? I think in time, we'll see gamers and poachers going after these animals, hoping for bounties from rogue researchers, and quite possibly gourmets. You know what's odd about people, especially the rich and fancy types… they need to eat everything. The rarer (and i don't mean in terms of how done meat is), the more “exquisite”. That's a whole fucking lot of calamari.

At a point, there must be enough information we need to know about the giant squids. We know where they live, how they live, how big they are, and what they eat. And above all, they're just squids. Just ginormous ones. Bringing scary animals out of the depth is no better than Hannibal forcing elephants up the Alps or people bringing monkeys out of Africa to have them die in cold, northern cages. If we want to see the giant squid survive, the best thing we can do for it is to give it good habitats. And that means we need to stop overfishing, stop whaling, stop fucking up the environment. Trying to catch one to live out the rest of its days in a bright tank isn't helping the world at all.

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