I despise the necessity of sleep

I seldom get very pissed off at my cats, but this morning Aya was out of hand. I wrote last week how Aya woke me up meowing at my bedroom door at 6:30am. This morning, it was fucking 5:30am she decided to get whiny and demanding. I have been keeping my cats out of my bedroom for 2 years now, because the boyfriend has serious allergies. This arrangement has been working out fine for him, but not so much for the cats. They need to be in the same room with me. It's like they seriously think that shit goes on and they have to be there to witness it.

This morning, I got mad enough to throw two pennies into an empty pop can and give it a loud shake to scare them away.

I've been really trying to get to bed at a decent hour. Last night, it was still 1am when I went to bed, and I probably didn't doze off until another half hour later. At 1am, there is still hope for me in the morning. Being woken up at 5 fucking 30 was NOT cool. I wanted to be awake at 8, dressed, and fed at 8:30, with some time to gather up my thoughts and focus for 9am when I'm ideally out the door on a revitalizing and refreshing stroll work. Because of the interruption in sleep, i was groggy and snooze-button bashing until 9. I rush dressed, rushed my breakfast smoothie (note to self: smoothie before toothbrushing, minty toothpaste flavour does not go well with tropical fruit beverage), rushed my walk to work, just to slide in right at 10am.

Ugh. gawddam cats.

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