I made these

I just got home from buying a rug. It’s very cold and very windy outside, but I do what I must to be domestic. Everything is slowly coming together.

I spent the weekend in Toronto with the boy. It was pretty nice, as it was the first time in a while that he got to spend a whole weekend at his apartment. Though I completely appreciate him coming over to St. Kits to visit me on weekends, I also completely empathize with wanting to be home and having chicks over. :)

We checked out a really cute little thai restaurant on the Danforth close to where he lives. I wish I could remember the name of it because their vegetarian dishes were delicious. The next night, we had dinner with a friend of his at this brewery pub in the Yonge/Eglinton area. Again, I stuffed myself because their veggie burger was awesome. Unfortunately the Smirnoff Ice I had with the meal wreaked havoc on my system. I just think my body is no longer accepting of the crap I pour down my throat some days and simply decides to shut down instead of process it. So not only did I feel like I completely overate, I also felt ill from the alcohol. And that sucks, because I never even got the buzz part of drinking.

Maybe from now on I’ll stick to wine.

I had to come home early on Sunday because I had to be at work. Sunday night, I spent with my warrior, tanking the Underbog. Fun times!

delicious brownies
I also made brownies because I wanted to. Here’s the recipe and gawd it’s fucking good. Ima going in for more!

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