I suck at softball

It’s the truth. I’m pretty bad at softball. I constantly strike out, I cannot catch a fly ball to save my life and I throw like a girl. But you know what, I’m okay with that because I’m a decent volleyball player. I think I’d make a good athlete if I just trained a little bit instead of coming to a game once a week or whenever.

Tonight was the first playoff game we had. Our team is coming in at the bottom of the league, lol. Again, I’m okay with this. I only signed on to get out and have fun.  But I do get competetive.

The only hit I had all night rang my hands pretty strangely. Right now, they feel just a little funny and they may get sore in the morning.  And I’m tired.

Tomorrow I have meetings. Dun dun dunnnnnn!!! It’s nothing I’m going to talk about at length until things are a little more steady for me. For the past month I’ve felt pretty lazy and it was pretty sweet. But I’m ready to get moving again.  Anyway. Boring journal is boring.

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