I’m a Palin-ista!

Tonight!  I’ve purchased cheap frozen snacks and Doritos and in about an hour or whenever, I’m going to prop myself in front of the telly and watch the Vice Presidential Debates. The U.S. Election has become my favourite reality show. And it’s silly because I can’t even vote on it, and our Canadian candidate debates are on tonight, but that doesn’t matter because I already know who I’m voting for and what our issues are. But the US debates will have the potential to entertain. Yes, I will totally admit, I’m a sucker for Sarah Palin drama.

I’ve grown from disliking her immensely to absolutely being fascinated with her.  I’ve hoped to gawd that Americans don’t elect McCain and Palin into office, but now I’m pretty much complacent on whatever the outcome will be.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy if the Dems win the elections, but I’m just hoping whatever happens won’t affect me too much. And maybe I can giggle a little bit in superiority … unless we elect in our own Conservative majority, in which case, that’ll make me sad. :(

Still, Sarah Palin is plain awesome. Joe Six Pack Lipstick Pitbull Barracuda awesome. I’m not even expecting all that much drama tonight, and I’m quite aware that she may actually do a lot better than expected. But it’s just all part of the great reality show. And I’m hunkering down, eating doritos and enjoying it.

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