I’m annoyed

You know, it’s not that the ‘for sale’ sign on my lawn has disappeared that makes me a little pissed off today.  It could have been stolen, or wind might have taken it away, though somehow that same wind managed to tear off a leg of the metal stand, pluck it out of the ground and place it somewhere else on my lawn while stealing the large plastic signs themselves.  It could also have been stolen by little shits.  But no, that’s not what annoys me most. It’s the fact that someone left a fucking shopping cart on the side of my driveway.  Seriously.  The grocery store is three blocks away. I see people hauling shopping carts away from there down the street all the time. I think it’s tacky. I would be so embarassed to be seen taking a shopping cart out of the mall parking lot. I see that and the first thing I think is that it’s the epitome of trashiness.  Particularly when they don’t return the carts, they just fucking ditch them on someone’s lawn!

I couldn’t leave the cart there, so of course I had to be the one that brought it back to the mall parking lot. And yes, I was embarassed to be seen pushing it down the street even if it was back towards the mall. And because there is construction down my street, it didn’t make things easier.

I just can’t believe people some time.

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