Late last night, I couldn’t help notice city workers going down the street with a big truck and flashing lights. They’d stop at intervals then move on. This morning I saw what they were doing.

Bike sharrows on Geneva St.

These bike sharrows were freshly painted down my bike route. I’m sort of pleased about this because it clearly tells motorists to share the road with cyclists. On the other hand, I’m hoping that cyclists would be encouraged to use the road and not the sidewalks.

On a related note, I’ve been wanting to ride my Kona Paddywagon all year, but I’m kind of a suck about it because there’s so much construction on several areas of my regular routes. Riding through cruddy streets and gravel isn’t cool on skinny wheels, which is why I’m using my mountain bike a lot. I know i lose cool points but I’m gonna go with comfort and safety this time around.

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