is it February yet?

I’m trying to detox on a budget, have you heard of such a thing?

Well, what I’m doing isn’t technically a controlled ‘detox’, or anything like that. It’s simply me cutting out refined sugar (no candy! omg fuck me!), caffeine, or alcohol (dang) throughout the course of one month. The idea is to see how I feel by the end of all this. The results I’m hoping for… more energy, more clarity, and just general well being.

On top of all this, I want to try as much as possible to eat organic. I have issues with spots on peels and mushy veggies, so this is clearly something I need to get over.

There was a tin of chocolate cookies out on our office kitchen counter this morning. On any given day I would have helped myself generously to a few of them. This morning, I just kept walking.

I’m also trying to do all this on a reduced food budget. I got a little depressed when I tallied up my dining spending over the course of two months and came back with a total that equalled two of my mortgages. Fuck me.

I’ve got decaf green and chai tea, honey for sweetener, so the hot drinks that used to be flavoured coffee with two sugar packets are easily replaced. Alcohol, i think I can live without for a month, though i will miss my occasional glasses of wine. There’s always something swanky about lounging on your ikea couch with a glass of merlot swinging in your fingers. Refined sugar… that will be tricky. I like truffles, and chocolate treats, and various other candies. I love tiramisu, and sweet cookies. I’m not an obnoxious dessert fiend, but there are days at work I need to sneak to the cafe downstairs and buy myself a chocolate bar. And bags of chips also don’t work with the diet.

I think i can do it. It’ll be interesting to see how it all goes down.

Anyway, to end off tonight, here’s my dinner last night:

Tofu and Rice
– a marinade of equal parts soy sauce, white vinegar and a bit of olive oil, seasoned with pepper and basil
– fried tofu from the asian food market, sliced into thin slices.
Marinate that for 1/2 hr. in the meantime make yourself 3/4 c of long grain rice.

Fluff the rice, let it cool down.

Fry the tofu in peanut oil with a touch of asian chili sauce until the edges of the tofu slices are crispy. Put the tofu aside. Add a little more oil, and fry the rice with salt.

Serve up the tofu on the bed of fried rice.


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