It's been cold

Nothing particularly interesting has been happening in the world of BD. I’ve undertaken some house and other self-improvement projects that has been taken up what usually had been my WoW times in the evenings. Unfortunately, I’m missing WoW and my guild has been making some progress in Zul’Aman, so it kinda sucks. But ideally these projects should make me a more improved person. It’s all part of the ’08 Resolution plan. And I guess that means I don’t get to participate in killing a high level boss in an MMORPG, but hopefully self improvement will compensate for it all.

One of the first steps I’ve taken is to start imposing a very lean budget on myself. We’ll see how this budget does in the coming weeks, but the goal is pretty much to be as cheap as possible and see exactly what I could live on. With a stocked refridgerator and pantry, this week hasn’t been so bad. I walk to work, yes even in the lovely winter weather we’ve been having lately, which I’ve decided is marginally better than taking the bus.

Taking the bus would get me to my destination approximately 10 minutes quicker. I also have to deal with motion sickness. And stinky buses. And stinky people. And crazy people, those are always fun. And generally loud, talkative, annoying people. Though sometimes, there are interesting people to watch.

Walking is good excercise. It gives me some time before work and after work to organize my thoughts. The fresh, cold air is invigorating. The scenery is somewhat nice, especially if you like older neighbourhoods and pretty gardens. As long as I get to work on time, I don’t have to adhere to any schedule that would otherwise send me flying out the door at the last minute to catch the 9:30am bus. I hate that.

Why am I imposing this cruel punishment on myself, an avid consumerist? Because of that… i’m an avid consumerist. I was mortified when my grocery and dining out tally came to about $600 for one month, at a point last year. That’s like cheap rent. And on stuff that makes me fat and I’d eventually shit out. I came to a conclusion that that kind of spending was simply ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to do that anymore.

I’m not entirely unreasonable. I’ve given myself little concessions… an occasional (but frugal!) lunch out, a trip to Toronto to visit the boy, brunch on the Danforth, that sort of stuff. But if i generally stick to it, I can save at least $200 a month just by bringing lunch from home.

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