Its not easy being green

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I've been trying to reduce my footprint. It's been interesting so far.

My house is completely energy inefficient. The insulation is pretty much terrible and it's an old house, so I'm not sure this could be fixed easily. I wish I had the money for that kind of renovation but for now, I can only do small things. Mind you, the temperature outside has been consistently -15°C or lower for the past week and will be for a while. I've been trying to conserve energy and hopefully keep the bills a touch lower.

I keep the temperature on my thermostat low and bear the cold by bundling up comfortably. (I completely dress down in my sexy fleece drawstring pants and oversized hoodie when I come home at thet end of the day. My accessory of choice are these plush fleece booties. Sexy!) When I'm at work during the day, or out for a long period of time, I try to remember to turn it down a few degrees lower (just enough so my cats aren't freezing though) I have a portable heater that I can move from room to room if I need it. It's a little better than raising the thermostat to heat the whole house. It's a little cold, but at least I'm comfortable. I don't bother with the heater when I'm asleep. Under my duvet (probably my favourite thing in the world), everything is heaven.

I also discovered that they made flourescent chandelier bulbs. So after a trip to Home Depot (that I had to go to anyway to pick up some new sink stoppers for my kitchen sink) I picked a few of them up for a floor lamp that I use regularly in my living room.

I shut off all the lights, my computer and the TV before I go to bed. The only light I keep on is lamp using a flourescent bulb in my basement for my kitties. I know they see well in the dark, but I hope that light down there has been encouraging them not to “miss” the litterbox so much.

Hopefully, I'll see some positive results in my utility bills this month. Ever since the more recent reports that humans may have done irreparable damage to our planet, I've been growing a little cynical about everything. So while I'm in the “why bother anymore” phase, at the least, anything I do can save me some money and hope the Green trend lasts.

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