Killing Zombies with the boyfriend

For Christmas, me and the boy made a pact to not get eachother things that are too expensive. So far we’ve been sort of following a tradition where we get eachother stupid pricey presents. For example, he got me a portable DVD player just for being in the hospital. He also got me an iPod nano when it was new, a Nintendo Wii, several Sims 2 expansion/stuff packs (yes he’s an enabler), and a Daisy Rock guitar. Seriously, how freaking cool is my guy? In return I got him a PSP, a Kona Fire Mountain bike, and an Xbox 360 Elite. Our habits are ridiculous.

Anyway, recognizing the recession and other fun stuff like that, we made this pact to be cheap ass towards one another. I got him this cookbook (yes, let’s giggle at the title like I did when I initially saw it), and he got me personalized guitar lessons on DVD which made me soooo happy. Him living in another city makes it difficult to get him to teach me so learning to play the end lesson on this DVD is going to be my new resolution for the next little while.

Another lame, sappy thing we did is buy eachother Left 4 Dead for the Xbox 360. I know we could have bought the games ourselves, but yes we can be that cute. We’ve been killing zombies mindlessly all week and that’s a good thing. It’s a great way to bond.

I’m not going to review this game, because game reviews is not what I do. All I will say is that it’s not a difficult game to pick up on and I love the mindless factor of it, whether it’s single player or co-op. And you know, killing zombies can make for a hot date.

It has also been very cold which makes the above cartoon very appropriate.

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