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I like going through Chip Chick, among other more popular gadget blogs for fancy tech gadget wishing, just because of the girl factor. Lately I’ve been perusing more, just because I think my stable of electronic equipment probably needs additions and upgrades so I can enter the glamourous world of gadget geekdom (or addiction… whatever).  I’d like a smartphone, like a Blackberry Pearl. It’d be neat not having to lug around a laptop to read e-mail and news/blog feeds, or send MSNs at Starbucks (which unfortunately is my local café). I still wouldn’t mind a PSP, but that’s a bit too indulgent since the only games i’m interested in for it is Beautiful Katamari and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.  And I’d love a digital SLR, like a Canon EOS 1000D. Probably the one thing I need is definitely a new laptop.

Unfortunately, my present laptop, my 17 inch HP Pavilion XD8000, somehow got busted a couple of weeks ago. It’s most likely a graphic card issue, but it’s beyond me. Any attempts to find and reinstall the driver hasn’t gotten very far and i’m already too annoyed just thinking of it. Also, the thing is 10lbs already, not including the clunky AC adapter.  This model was introduced in 2005. The battery died a long time ago, and even if I could find a replacement for it, it will be expensive and will still get me an hour tops of unplugged activity.  It never lasted that long to begin with. Booting up was slow, and you know how things go… new stuff is better!

There were a lot of things I did like about that laptop though. The Media Center edition XP was pretty neat.  I like the wide screen, it did come in handy for multi-windows tasking. I like the separate number key pad, which most laptops don’t have.  I’m not sure if my new laptop will need to be an HP, or anything of that quality, but still it would be helpful.

My laptop shopping is in the preliminary phases. The qualities I want in a new laptop are very simple.  Without getting into the technicalities, it needs to be fast. It needs to be able to process quality graphics (think digital artwork, photographs).  It needs to be a lot more portable than my current laptop… that is, it needs to be light.  I’d like an adaptor that didn’t feel like a ball and chain.   I’d like a nice, long battery life.   A 15.5″ screen wouldn’t be awful, and could be more portable than a 17″ one.  Big bonus if it’s inexpensive.  Maybe if I had the money, I’d invest in a gaming laptop, but let’s be honest here. I play Sims 2 and I used to play WoW. I’m not a big PC gamer.  Having a laptop that could run WoW well was pretty beneficial but I’m past going nuts thinking I needed to spend every available hour farming gold for my epic flying mount.  And honestly, I don’t want to spend $2k-$3k on a laptop that I would plan to take everywhere therefore be paranoid of riding my bike with it or even bumping it.

So the hunt begins. I’ll be posting my finds and opinions as I come across them.

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  1. The HP 2510p is a pretty nice machine. I’ve ordered a few in for work recently and they’re light and have good specs. Not sure how much it’d cost you though as I work for the local government and we get silly low prices on IT equipment.

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