Life in point form

* i need to totally delete a bunch of crap from my house and embrace some sort of minimalist lifestyle. Starting with the crap in the basement.

* I have a sunflower and it has survived a weekend without being eaten.

* I spent the weekend with the boy at various music events, including the nifty MIAC gala last night where I got a chance to dress up a bit, which hasn't happened in a while

* I needed shoes and a purse for the aforementioned gala. Shopping in Yorkdale mall sucks. And why the fuck does every purse in the freaking mall look like horrible imitations of last year's leather, buckle and studs monstrosities pumped out by Guess and Baby Phat.

* ended up with a cute little canvas purse by Roxy and a pair of maryjanes.

* also ended up buying a limited edition brand of Dolly Girl perfume by Anna Sui. Perfume is my girly guilt pleasure. Some girls like purses, some like shoes, some like jewellry… me, I love perfume.

* i left half a small bottle of merlot out to over the weekend to trap fruit flies that came in with my organic bananas. It works.

* I hate fruit flies. There's one buzzing around my desk right now. I don't know where it came from, but if I get a chance, i'm feeding it to my betta.

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