Mac Envy

The boy's computer had just recently crapped out on him, which really sucked for him because he needed it for work and games. As well, he just got a new job in Toronto and is prepping up for all the expenses required for the move. With the new job, and moving, stressing out about a busted computer was the last thing he needed. Plug and play was an increasingly desirable option.

He's been looking at getting a macbook for a while. So last night, he picked me up from work, we drove to the closest Apple store in Etobicoke… roughly an hour's drive away. And this is the loot he came away with.

It's really, really nice. Of course, I like the idea of shiny new things, especially things that can play WoW on a crisp 1680×1050 screen resolution at a steady fps with all the settings turned up. So i do admit, i've got a bit of the envy thing.

However I do console myself that my HP Pavilion zd8000 monster is still a fabulous machine, reviewed great for what it was when I purchased it early this year. And I discovered that it actually does run WoW beautifully with the screen res and other graphic options tweaked up. And I do admit, I still prefer the over all design of my HP notebook.. i like the idea of having a separate number pad. No, the keyboard doesn't light up, but neither do I need it to. I wish it wasn't so heavy, but I can live with it for a while. And above all, it's not a Mac. :)

I'm Mac curious, but I doubt I'd ever use one.

It's also hard to be elite with an HP no matter how nice my notebook is. :)

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