Me and the cats on friday night

My week has been essentially defined by the cold. I’ve always thought of myself as a cool climate kind of person, and even when I was younger I’d love winter, and snowy days, but this particular winter is beginning to test even me. When I get home, I don’t even treat myself to raising the thermostat a few more degrees. I bundle up and huddle down instead with the laptop to provide a lot of the heat and two throw blankets to insulate it. And a lot of the times, it’s pretty dark. I’m not feeling depressed, but I am pretty tired.

Tonight is Friday and I’ve done nothing all night. The major excitement of the night was a detour to the mall to buy new pillow cases. However, instead of new pillow cases, I instead bought a new double-sized pillow with the hopes that it’ll help me be more comfortable in bed, therefore be able to sleep better. I came home, shoveled the driveway and sidewalk, made a really pathetic dinner, fed the kitties and plonked myself in front of the internet.

Friday night, its me, the kitties, my cargo pants, oversized dragon print t-shirt, a hoodie and the internets. This is totally the formula for a good time.

Well, the excitement continues. My laundry is done and the 2nd load of bedsheets and towels need to go in the dryer. I’m also debating whether to do the dishes, though signs seem to be pointing to probably not tonight.

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