might as well get on the bandwagon

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office confirmed that Canada will have an election October 14. Having another election has been looming over Canadians’ heads for a while now, while both parties figure out if it’s the right time or not, I figure. However, this will be intriguing, as I’m uncertain if Canadians like or dislike the current government enough to make alterations.

Personally, I’m not sure if the Liberal’s Stephane Dion would be a good PM. In fact, I’m having awful doubts about our Liberal party for a long time now. And while I’m just ideologically against backing the PC party because of their social right wing-nutism, I am not in hate with Harper. I do hope that the New Democrat Party have a fighting chance this time around, but in all honesty, this is an election between the PCs and the Liberals.

The worse that could happen is that the PCs win a majority this time around because of how seemingly tame he’s been while he’s been in power in a minority government, and Mr. Harper, unencumbered by all those Liberals taking up seats in his house, lets his true colours show. We’ll have to see in October.

I know Canadian politics are so much more drier than the politics in the states right now, but we have to get informed and vote.

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