Today I woke up and I just knew I couldn’t be a functioning member of society whatsoever, so I called in sick. It’s probably a combination of the stress of biking to work yesterday in subzero weather, staying up too late, and poor nutrition (I’ll admit, rice soup probably doesn’t have any antioxidants in it). I think my NY’s resolution to take better care of myself is failing. Except the resolution was all about superficiality so I guess I’m not failing.

Anyway, the description I’m giving everyone is fairly accurate so I’ll use it again here. My throat feels like it’s been sandpapered. My eyes are feeling pretty dry too. I’m not sniffly, nor feverish, but I feel like poop that’s been stepped on with sandpaper shoes.  Today will be about tea, (because I’m out of Timmy’s coffee), orange juice, soup and maybe spaghetti later.

To add to the fun, I didn’t realize that Aya was out of Fancy Feast and even though she’ll eat the dry food I leave out for them, she still wants her canned food at breakfast and dinner so she’s going to whine all day about that at me. And of course the weather’s shite outside. It was mushy snow and freezing rain earlier. Even if I wasn’t sick, I wouldn’t want to risk going out in that to get her her stupid Fancy Feast. She’s going to have to settle today for crappiness like me.

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