More WoW stuff

I can’t believe it, when I logged off last night at 2 in the morning, my guild was still alive… and raiding no less. Jesus fuck. I was totally getting used to just walking away from the whole mess and against all odds, we managed to keep the bulk of our raiders in. Now it remains to be seen what the repercussions were. The guild meeting we had seemed like a gang bang on our current guild leader, who understandably took things very personally, and kind of ended up with the officers trying to convince the guy to stay and lead the guild. I understood the emotional impact all this had on him. This guy was in tears, literally. I know he’s unselfish and cares about this guild but the miscommunication problems that caused all this shit to go down just amplified some minor things and blew things way out of proportion.

So the upstarts stepped down from their coup and fucking apologized, the guildies renewed their faith in the officers and things (superficially) were all wine and roses. Well, what happens now? Will our GL stay in the guild because if he goes, that will cause a massive chain reaction too. And if he does, how many more embittered people are there hanging around and just not saying anything just waiting for an opportunity to jump ship too? Who knows. Ugh, why do i even bother to deal with this?

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