My happiness is gone.

Niko went into diabetic ketoacidosis late last week. On Saturday morning, I made the most hardest decision of my life and let him go. He was the most sweetest, most beautiful, cuddliest and innocent cat. I will miss the way he would jump up on the couch and cuddle with me while I was watching TV. I miss his kitten face and kitten voice. I miss his furry little paws and the way his tail always seemed to turn up. Niko never made me feel lonely. This house is empty without him and I won’t ever be the same. Guilt and regret will follow me for the rest of my life. I’m so sad right now, that I can’t imagine the pain ever stopping.

I’m sorry I failed my beautiful Niko. My happiness is gone and it seems like the tears will never end. I knew it would hurt, but I never thought it would be this painful. I miss him so much.

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