I've had this little nylon tape cassette case for years… to think of it, a lot of years as I do think I phased my last cassette late in high school ('93ish for all you young'uns) This zippered and padded nylon case with the brand “Maxelle” screened across it carried 10 tape cassettes in their plastic cases snugly once in the 80's or early 90's. It at one point was sold with the blank tapes in them as a gift set of sorts, that I know. I may have received it as a Christmas gift from a relative who knew that I liked to make mixed tapes of my favourite musical theatre arias. I may have purchased it myself at a sale at Zellers or Radio Shack. After I stopped using tapes, I started to use this case for other things like keys, make up, and miscellaneous junk. In recent years, it stored my Gameboy games. Last year, I bought a neat little case for my DS, that could hold all my DS cartridges. The old case has been drifting around my home ever since, empty and collecting dustbunnies. I keep thinking I've put it away but it always manages to turn up in different places. In my living room, under my coffee table. On a shelf by my computer desk. Upstairs in my bedroom, tucked in a plastic basket. This morning I noticed it was in my kitchen.

I looked at it and contemplated it's existence in my “zone”. I noted that it had once carried my DS games so I checked inside and reminded myself that it was empty except for a ball of cat fur. This black nylon case was essentially purposeless now, and for some reason, it's mere presence this morning simply annoyed me. It was like a bad tenant that stopped paying rent, wouldn't clean itself and wouldn't stay quiet. So I toughened up and ousted the object into my garbage bin.

I've been thinking about it frequently… how did my house accumulate all this useless crap? Why do I make excuses for things like that cassette case? Why did I hold on to it for so long? And I looked around and I could see a number of things that had outlived it's usefulness and couldn't even be classified amicably under euphemisms like “kitsch”, “schmaltz and/or “eclectic decor”. I figure sometime soon I have to take a hard look at some of these deadbeat tenants and just steel myself up and evict them. I don't want to be one of those people that are tied to little, useless things forever.

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