Not sure what to do now

This year is the year I make my home perfect.

First thing that needs to be fixed, is my bathroom. The original owners thought it would be absolutely hilarious to use fake tile (I think it's made of some coated cardboard substance) instead of real time and didn't properly drywall behind it. The caulking is cracked and I suspect water is leaking out and seeping down to my living room ceiling.

Second thing that needs to be fixed, I need more organization in the kitchen. I wouldn't mind nicer counters and shelves, something that would be appropriate for a kitchen that's no bigger than most apartment kitchens. It also needs a serious insulation fix.

I'm also thinking about things to do with my front and back yard. I would like my house to have some curb appeal and not look like the neighbourhood crackhouse. I suspect my front lawn will need to be resod. I need bushes and wildflowers (daisies, heh). So it will be a lot of work.

I'm forcing myself out of the game more and more to take care of the things I need to take care of. I've spent a few hours in my kitchen cleaning up my cupboards, throwing out old spices, sugar, flour, baking stuff that I haven't used in months and months.

This is a dull update to my life. I'm at the boyfriend's right now (so happy i have this laptop).

Now, Tacos.

<3 BD

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