Notes for myself

Friday … get caught up on work

Friday night… off to Toronto

Saturday … shop and hang out with the boy

Sunday … more hanging with the dude. Maybe leave early to go back to work for a bit.

Monday … clear the living room and dining room (buy a rug?)

Tuesday … clean up the kitchen and upstairs hallway

Wednesday … clear up the bedroom, do laundry

Thursday .. wash towels, bathroom rug and bed linens. make sure hallway and foyer and clean and presentable. Buy groceries.

Grocery list:
– sweet potatoes (2 lbs)
– 2 cans coconut milk
– basmati rice
– cumin powder
– peppers, yellow onions, mushrooms
– green peas (if we're out)
– coffee, and creamers.
– shallots (at least 2)
– papadums
– chopped peanuts

Friday … Pot luck party!

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