oh the weather outside is frightful…

The remnants of a winter storm that hit the US midwest last week came through the area over the weekend. Friday morning, I look outside… just a little rain, I can deal with this. Well, my umbrella is busted and i came into work with soaked boots, and jeans. It rained like that all through friday. It poured. After work, I did some groceries, treated myself to a new fucking coat because gdi I wanted it, and braved the short walk home in high winds and rain. It totally sucked.

Of course, my basement leaked. I wouldn't call it a flood, but it was pretty bad… worse than I've ever seen it leak. My basement does have a few leaks that I know I need to deal with, though money issues always tend to get in the way. This time, water trickled in through the walls practically everywhere it could reach. It got into the cold storage room where the boyfriend had been storing some things, including his mattress.

I MSNed him that night before he headed back to my house for the weekend. I told him his mattress had been ruined. Of course, he's mad. And I'll be honest too, that evening I was pretty pissed off at how mad at me he was about the mattress. I know I had told him I'd wrap it up in plastic to prevent any moisture issues, but that room had been bone dry for as long as I've lived in that house, so I never, ever expected anything in there to get ruined to water damage.

Anyway, we decided to salvage the mattress and the first thing that needed to be done was to get it out of the basement to dry it off on the front porch. (the porch is covered, the backyard deck is not). It took two tries to get that fucking thing out of my basement. I don't even know how they managed to put in in there when the boy first moved in. He succumbed to allergies and frustration the first time we tried. The next time, we were pretty much ruthless. Through force, we squashed and bent the mattress and squeezed and dragged it up those stairs.

Never again will I store anything like that in my basement. As much as I love my boy with all my heart, as soon as he finds his own place, that mattress and his futon couch are out of here. Having my house back will have some benefits for my sanity.

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