Ok.. i really do want to be a diarist…

.. or a blogger, or whatever the term-du-jour may be. Unfortunately for me, and then for all of you, everything so far is pretty non-exciting. The last thing I want to do is turn my BD journal into some lame domestic or housekeeping blog. The past few months, pretty much the only real excitement has been that. House work, a few renovations, gardening, landscaping, I'm a lazy and poor girl's Martha Stewart.

The thing is, everything isn't done yet. I wish I can show you before and after pictures of my bathroom renovations, but after the contractors left, i haven't bothered to complete the “little things”, like finish painting, wash the windows and install the new blinds.

My dad and sister rebuilt my closet, which is awesome… but again, I haven't finished painting it like I said I would. They also repaired a wall in my bedroom. For some reason, there was a “window like” structure on the wall against the bathroom tub. There was a sill and trim (nice trim, I may add), but just painted plyboard underneath. It was too shallow to be a decorative shelf or built in, and as a real window, the placement made absolutely no sense. It would have opened up into the middle of the house. When the contractor tore down the wall behind the tub, he found broken glass there. So there was a real window there. I'm boggled.

Ok, I'm rambling about the stupid window, when my point was, I haven't finished priming and painting over the plaster job that they did to fix the wall.

I *have* succeeded in painting my balconey and the wooden furniture out there. So I have a private lounge off my bedroom now to hang out like I used to when I first moved into the house. I am happy about that.

As for the garden, there's still a ton of things I need to do. I did a quick Google for “bamboo weed” and found out the name of the evil plant that keeps trying to invade a corner of my backyard. It's Japanese Knotweed. It would be prettier if I could keep it growing in just one area, not all over my lawn. Thanks Nature!

I'm pretty tired tonight. I just wish it were all done and I can rest. The boy is coming over this weekend, to help clean up I think. Fun times!

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