So, today I went over to the vet’s office to pick up a refill of insulin for Niko. The office isn’t even half a kilometer away. I was on my bike, waiting at a red light, when I tried to remove my left foot prematurely from the clips. The foot got stuck in there… and I knew it was misbehaving even as I was riding away from the house… so down I went. I keeled over right in front of a stopped truck and a lineup of other vehicles waiting at the red. I got up, chuckled to myself, fixed the straps, smiled my embarassment at people in their cars having yuks at my expense.

I got to the vet, and as I waited for the vet assistant to get Niko’s insulin, I checked my damage. I had scraped and bloodied up my left knee, though it looked worse than it felt. I asked the vet assistant if she had any “human first aid”… she had a bandage and gave me some paper towels to clean up in the bathroom, but surprisingly no “human” antibacterial stuff. Come to think of it, I may not have any here either. I got home half an hour ago, gave Niko his shot, and tidied up the front porch a bit. The blood is soaking through this cheap plastic band-aid now so I guess I should take care of my flesh wounds.

I love wearing cycling gloves, by the way. Not only do they look hardcore, I’ve been in two falls this week and haven’t fucked up my hands yet.

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