Owl lamps and wayward princesses…

Like an idiot that I am, I left my cat, Aya (lovingly referred to as Princess Aya because of her spoiled brat-ness nature), on the porch last night while I was doing stuff outside. I do that sometimes because Aya can’t stand to not have attention, so by the time I open the door to let her in, she’s done with the great outdoors. I went into the basement to clean up some paintbrushes and completely forgot about her. I was holed up in my bedroom all night, the only room in the house right now with air conditioning, so I wouldn’t have heard her meowing to get in.

I only realized that she was missing when I came downstairs this morning and opened the door to get the mail. She’s usually the first person to the door, because she always needs to be outside. She’s also usually present when I feed them in the morning. But she wasn’t there and only then did I realize that I left her outside. :(

I checked under the shed, because that’s where she was last time she went on an overnight stay, but I didn’t see anything.
I panicked a bit, called in late to work, and biked around the block hoping to catch a glimpse of her but I didn’t see her. As a last resort, I took the hose and sprayed underneath the shed, hoping I may have missed her the first time and if she was under there at all, she’d be scared out. I heard the jingling of her kitty tags and there she was. She popped up on the other side of the shed to avoid the spray of the hose. I scooped her up and brought her back home. She was a little dirty, but other than that, she was her usually whiny self.

This is the second time she had gotten out of the house and disappeared for a night. After the first time, I put a collar and a tag on her so this time I was slightly less worried. Her tag is engraved “Princess Aya”.

Aside from the kitty drama, my bedroom is very, very close to being done. I spent last night painting the closet. Everything looks great… unprofessional, but pretty damn good. I’m glad I did the extra work and painted the ceiling white because it just gives the room some more dimension I think. So now, the fun part.. dressing it all up. I was out shopping with friends last Sunday and we went to visit Urban Outfitters. I came away with my new bedside table lamps and they’re awesome.

owl lamp
I went with a light green lampshade (not the shade in the pic). The lamps work great with my “sky” theme. I’ll explain that concept some other time. ;)

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