Queen Vicky’s birthday

This long weekend started off with the Cure at the Air Canada Center. A co-worker friend of mine (who I now owe a vegan banana loaf or some such) who lives in Toronto was awesome enough to drive me right to Union Station where I met the boy and his friends, then had a veggie hotdog and went on our way to the ACC. The Cure is just ultimate old school love for me, and I was happy they played pretty much all my classic favourites. The Cure still being around and performing makes me pretty happy. They didn’t play Mint Car, but they did play Just Like Heaven, and that makes me a happy daisy.

We spent a couple of days in Toronto… or rather Liberty City, as we sat around watching boyfriend play GTA4. I’m almost inspired to pick up the game. It looks really fun. The other couple of days were spent here while boyfriend helped me out with gardening errands. Gardening is the bane of my existence.

I sort of cheated a bit. There are these weeds that grow in various places around the yard.. in corners and under the deck. The leaves are pretty and recently they started blooming little yellow flowers. So I dug them up and replanted them grouped together in my flower bed. Now, it looks like intentional planting.

I have close to zero energy right now. The boyfriend just left for home and I am now going to spend the rest of the afternoon overdosing on coffee, surfing the internet and watching TV.

P.S. My grass seeds have germinated. I am now growing grass in the formerly weedy patch of my lawn. I know nothing is more exciting than grass growing, which is why I’m adding this little bit of thrilling news to this post.

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