About Requests for free art

From time to time, I will accept a request for free artwork.

The main reasons I do this is:

1) I want to give back to my supporters
2) Charity
3) For practice to help me improve my work (i.e. /r/redditgetsdrawn)

Too often, I see ‘free requests’ available being taken advantage of in the art community and to prevent that from happening here, I want to clarify a few things about how I handle requests.

How to request free art:

Yes:  “I’d like to see your take on Spider-man”  

No: “I would like a drawing of a teen-aged Spider-man hanging off a ledge in specific way kissing Spider-Gwen with Green Goblin and J.Jonah in the background with a very disapproving glare on their expressions. Also it needs to be sunset, and please be careful not to mix that up with dawn lighting.  And it would be nice if the Avengers Quinjet was seen in the sky somewhere in the background” 

Of course the latter is an extreme example.  My overall point is, I will do free art for people, but they will always be on my terms. Even if it was me that asked for specifics for the drawing, such as posing direction or what not, it’s still on my terms. If I receive a request, or submit a drawing on /r/redditgetsdrawn, it will be in the style I choose, and drawn the way I want, worked on and completed when I can,  and ideally it will help me improve in some way.

If you would like more control of the direction of the artwork,  then I would recommend commissioning me or the artist of your choice and we will be happy to work on the piece you want.

Also no:

“I am a random person that showed up from out of the blue, I have no idea who you are or what your art is about because I don’t follow you anywhere on social media, but I heard you do free requests, so please draw my OC in manga style” 

This gets ignored. Mostly because I will only consider requests from my followers, supporters, friends and family members only.  It’s just plain courtesy if you’re asking for free art, to at least follow someone and know what they’re about, the subjects and styles they enjoying creating with.

Not necessary, but re-posts/tweets/blogs and shout-outs will always make an artist feel warm and fuzzy.

“Can I bribe you with a ko-fi donation?”  Yes.  Yes you can.  But please keep in mind, this does not count as a commission.  Requests fulfilled will still be under my terms. Consider commissioning me for the drawing you want.

This is also a no:

” Please draw me and my band mates. We would like to use these for posters to promote our upcoming gig.” 

This means that you’re asking for an artist to take significant time from their life to create artwork for you to use in an ad so you could make money.   Maybe if I believed in your work/product, it may fall under ‘charity’, but if you don’t at least offer me free tickets/drinks for my work, then I’ll most likely ignore this. Also, if your ‘redditgetsdrawn’ does get filled with art you like (this will go for any artist not just myself), you can potentially get sued if you turn around and use this artwork commercially.

So my last point: You do not own the artwork completed from a request for free art. Artwork and licences to the artwork almost always belongs to the artist.   You may see the artwork posted on social media, added to a portfolio and maybe even sold by the artist.  These will all be considerations for me, as well. It doesn’t mean that I will always do this, but it would be my right.  You are more than welcome to ask about licencing fees.

In short, you’re asking for someone to spend time out of their day to do something for free. Please be respectful and courteous, and you’ll likely get your request filled.





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