Retail therapy (or how I broke my budget in only 2 weeks!)

Yesterday, the boy decided to go ahead and buy the 40″ Samsung LCD he's been looking at for awhile. It was on sale at Best Buy so off we adventured and hauled back his prize. While he was taking care of that, I checked out the nearby Designer Depot for a bit of my own retail therapy. My personal haul was a pretty new sweater for $20 and a pair of denim capris for $40 as well as some jewellry. The shopping excursion depressed me a bit. I had time to try on a pair of Mavi 'skinny' jeans, in a size I knew was about a size larger than what I normally wore… and they still didn't fit me.

After a small juvenile bout of self deprecation about my thickening middle, I decided that maybe it's time I went back to the gym.

So of course, there goes my diet, and my budget. I haven't yet indulged in caffeine or alcohol, but sugar managed to creep it's way in in the form of desserts and candies. It's funny that sometimes realizing you're gaining weight makes you actually want to eat more crap. I haven't indulged too much, but it's back in my system, in the form of maraschino cherry filled chocolates and truffles from Laura Secord. Fortunately for me, i'm in PMS mode now, so I'm not going to stress out too much about it. I'm blaming it on the pre-menstrual bloat, and I'm okay with that.

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