Ride For Heart

Yesterday morning, I had the most awesome opportunity to bike the Don Valley Parkway for the Ride for Heart Toronto 2010. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit out of shape and hadn’t ridden more than 10km at a time up until this point. I wasn’t sure if I was able to handle it. But suprisingly the ride itself was not that bad… a little saddle sore towards the end, but it really was so much fun. I feel like less of a wimp because I was able to do this on my fixed. No gears, baby. :D

I brought my camera with me, but not my memory card. Doh. However, I did manage to share some pics from my BlackBerry over Twitter. :)

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Me and my bike are done! Thanks for the ride!  on Twitpic DVP ride on Twitpic On my way just needed to take this.  on Twitpic

(from Twitpic )

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