Scenes from the backyard.

I spent a lot of time in my backyard this weekend, which is always a good thing. I seed patched the lawn, and planted sunflowers, cosmos and poppies, which hopefully we'll see blooming this year. The daisies I planted from seed in the front yard last year look like they're just about ready to bloom, the roses too. I've waited a year to see those daisies so the garden nerd in me is a little bit excited.

I was out on my balconey Saturday morning and I was watching the oddest exchange going down between a starling and a sparrow.  There was a sparrow chirping spastically and when I went to look, it looked like it was following a bigger starling around and freaking out on the bigger bird. There were a few more sparrows in the neighbourhood, but this one sparrow would follow the starling around attempting to hassle it. Upon closer observation, I noticed that the starling seemed to be eating something. It dragged it up on the fence, then tossed it onto my lawn. I was wondering if perhaps the starling had stolen the sparrow's food.

I went down into the backyard to do the daily “puttering” I'm getting myself in the habit of doing. The starling is still eating, the sparrow is on top of my shed, still chirping angrily at the starling. Whatever the starling is eating is all gooey and stretchy and I'm beginning to have bad feelings as I approach the scene.

The starling sees me and flies off. The sparrow is still on top of the shed. I look down, and what I'm seeing is the mangled half of another sparrow, it's one wing awkwardly spread out beside it.  The corpse's detached leg was a few inches away.  I'd like to think that the sparrow was crying spastically  to protect it's infant, friend or relative. I'm hoping my initial theory of the starling having stolen the sparrow's food wouldn't be the right one. In any case… eww.

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