Unfortunately I did not get a lot of sleep last night. Not sure what happened, but I think I was finally in dreamland at about 4AM. And I got up a little late this morning and spent 10 minutes or so looking for a dress I wanted to wear today. I have become a slob. I can't find anything in my pile of laundry I call a bedroom.

I think it has to do with the season. (Oh yes, and way too much World of Warcraft to be healthy for any sane individual.) But i think with the sun coming back out, with less snow on the ground, with me being able to wear my monster fur jacket instead of my winter coat, I'm finding more energy, even when I don't get enough sleep.

I should be here more often. I am a diarist at heart, so I don't know why I don't write as much as I want to.

If I'm antisocial on the interweb, please don't take it too personally. :) I'll try better next time.

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