Silk Creamer… yuck

So I’m trying to eat mostly raw foods this week to get my good vibes back. Basically for the past month, it’s been a lot of processed food and blueberry jam for me, so I think what i need to do is drastically cut back on the refined sugar and eat a lot of raw meals. That’s not going so well, mostly because I’m lazy. The raw food diet is not for lazy people.

I was up late last night working on a new design for this website, so I got up all groggy this morning. I had an english muffin with a healthy dollop of … you guessed it… blueberry jam!  Strangely, I’m not sick of the stuff yet.  I also made coffee. This doesn’t exemplify the raw food breakfast, I know, but i had nothing else in my fridge, honestly, and I just needed a caffeine hit.  I had Silk Soy Creamer leftover from a recipe for vegan gravy I brought to the vegan potluck last week. I normally don’t touch this stuff. Aside from having an ingredient list about two thousand words long, the stuff tastes awful. But I don’t like my coffee black. So now, here I am at work, drinking coffee which should by all rights be delicious: Organic free trade coffee sweetened with organic cane sugar and this Silk Soy crap. It’s awful.  If I was a pure vegan,  I’d much rather regular soy milk or rice milk in my coffee (mmmm, rice milk…). However after this box is done, I’m stocking back up on regular organic cream.

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