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Sketchbook August 18-23

I’ve recently tried and purchased Manga Studio 5 (Clip Studio) on the recommendation of a colleague. I was also kind of frustrated how annoying it was to get my poopy Bamboo Wacom tablet to work with GIMP properly and I wanted a program that I could draw digitally with.

As a way of getting more drawing practice in, I’ve started participating in Sketch_dailies on Twitter (www.SketchDailies.com).  Not only is it helping me get back into drawing shape, the prompts so far at least have been forcing me to get out of my usual comfort zones.   I plan on dedicating a few hours when I can to contributing something, even if it’s not great or finished.

Here’s my sketches for this week.  I’ll try to make weekly posts for my sketchbook (not everything will be a 3rd party prompt).  My regular inanity is on Twitter/@Blackdaisies.  ^_^

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