Sleepy on a Saturday

Ugh, I’m having bad skin day. In actual fact, I’m having a bad everything day.  I went to bed late because it’s a Friday and we’re allowed to do that, but instead of sleeping in which I so hoped for, the fucking alarm clock woke me up because I forgot to turn it off for the weekend.  I went to bed at 3am and it got me up at 8.  And of course, I have problems sleeping in the daylight so I couldn’t even get back to sleep even if I wanted to. So I’m up, doing some much needed housework, sleepy with dry, uncombed hair and ugly skin.

Have some Fruit, Pamela, at least have a vitamin or some orange juice. Healthy? Ha, I scorn health. I’m drinking coffee with lots of cream and sugar.  That’s my breakfast. I bought bagels last night, but I’m not that hungry.

There are about two dozen birds hanging out on the tree in my neighbour’s backyard. I don’t know what they are, I think they’re doves.  They’re all puffed up and look so cold and helpless that I want to invite them all in to eat my bagels.

Taken at 4X zoom from my kitchen door. I didn’t want to scare them all away, and besides my deck is covered in snow. Open it up for the full sized version.

One thought on “Sleepy on a Saturday

  1. Juvenile mourning doves, suggests the lowly yet cunning advisor Smuffles. To the country side as the rock dove (Pidgeon) is to the city side.

    Poor horrid ugly Pamela! Draw self portrait with grey flaky skin.

    The always not-quite athletic Smuffles was entrapped by contortions recently. Moaning in pain upon his bed of shtick for days. So with clarity, he offers his meager empathy; a child holds out a dirty Kleenex.

    Click website if interested in rock doves.

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