Spring cleaning

It’s already May and I need to do a lot of things to my external environment as well as internally. I’ve been dealing with winter by eating a lot of comfort food (okay, junk food), and now I’m out biking to work, and enjoying the outdoors. I think it’s time to get the bad stuff out of my system.

I just don’t know how I’m going to survive without coffee.

I figure maybe for most days of the week if not all, I will try as much as possible to eat healthy, raw food as a sort of pseudo fly-by-the-seat-of -my-pants detoxing.  But I’m not good with food preparation, so I bought Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen to inspire and help me along. The last raw food cookbook I bought required you to buy produce like  albino mushrooms harvested from beneath a rare fir tree that grows along the rugged western coast of northern scandinavia under a full moon that only falls on the 16th day of a winter month. That sort of thing.  But the pictures were really nice.


I’m hoping the recipes and techniques in this book will be a little easier and accessible for me. She has Youtubes too,  which could help.  I’m looking forward to trying this stuff. I don’t know if I’m going to last the month on this diet though.

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