Startpage madness and the death of Pixiecrap

(alternate title: google vs yahoo! portals/ geek post, be warned!)

I just spent my lunch hour setting up my Google homepage. This was in preparation to start killing my pixiecrap(at) e-mail address, and start using my blackdaisies(at)

BD Friendly Tip of the Day: This means if you've added pixiecrap(at) to your e-mail contacts, pretty soon, I will no longer be using it. Please change your contacts to blackdaisies(at), tyvm!

A couple of years ago, I thought pixiecrap was a funny word and it amused probably only me. Don't ask, I'm odd that way. Nowadays, I'm kinda embarassed when I'm giving out my “real” e-mail. So I went back to using an e-mail that's more commonly associated with my web identity. I'm glad I parked “blackdaisies” at gmail when I could. They're not available through yahoo or hotmail.

However, that wasn't why I moved over to Google homepage. I'm an aggregator fiend. Yahoo was a decent service, and I love that you can customize the layout and colours. I was so proud of my customized Yahoo front page, and I'll miss that most on Google. However, Yahoo also comes laden down with humungous ads and other stuff that I didn't find necessary. As well, I didn't know how to get National Geographic's photo of the day to show up (minor detail, but I like pictures!).

One fun fact about me: I go through news sites and blogs like there's no tomorrow. I just don't have your basic news on the front page. I have Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CNN, BBC, Time, MacLean, CBC, National Geographic, Discovery, CNET, Reuters … all that crap, and I'm adding new stuff all the time. I read the same news by different news sources because I like to get as many angles about current events as possible.

Google's layout is sterile and boring, but at least its ad-free and easy to read. I'm hoping there'll be a way for me to customize colours and stuff, but at least it's organized and I have all the same tools Yahoo provided me with.

Aaaand while i'm at the web-nerdy stuff, I might as well plug my page. Social bookmarking is nifty!

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