Somebody in the blogosphere or where ever came up with the word “Staycation”. It’s a euphamism for “I have no money, so we’re going nowhere and staying home for our vacation.”  It’s an awful word and everytime I see it printed, I just cringe a little.  It’s become particularly popular lately because of the U.S. economy problems, as well as it’s eco-trendy because you don’t spend the gas that you use when you’re travelling.  I’m posting about it now because this post is probably the sixth time I’ve read that word in my daily blog reads over the past week and it’s bugging me.

However, the idea in itself… making staying home for your vacation sound better than it actually is… is kind of hokey but I’m personally a fan. You just don’t “stay home” per se. You make your home a lovely environment, plan fun activities with friends and family, maybe do a local tourist trap thing, make cocktails and lounge in your back yard, pick up a different sort of activity and relax.  I do this frequently when I take extended time off because I’m lazy, cheap and afraid of flying.   It’s just that word,  and i guess other euphemisms that make being broke sound less sucky, particulary the ones that incorporate the word “ghetto” (i’ve seen ‘ghettofab’ when it comes to describing cheap home decor)  annoys me and I may confront the person who actually decides to use it in a serious real life conversation. But seriously, say it aloud and it just one of those words that just doesn’t sound right, nor should you be able to take yourself seriously.

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