Strange boys and Tofurky, no relation

I had a pretty long and uneventful day. I think I'm coming down with a cold. Aside from low energy, which I guess I will attribute to PMS (it's the ultimate excuse for all!), I've been feeling sniffly and my throat's been a little sore. That could be from biking to and from work the past couple of days in the brisk, cold air, who knows. All I know is I'm thinking that I don't quite like it.

I get home, go upstairs for some reason and come back down. There's some guy at the door. I didn't hear him knock, but I can see him through the door's windows. I'm always pretty suspicious of visitors, so cautiously I open the door. He's from the energy company and wants to sign me up for some sort of savings plan. I think I've signed 2 or 3 of those this year and I never follow up on it, so I actually don't know if the plan's been put in place or not. I tell the young man that someone's already talked to me about it months ago. Oddly, he doesn't continue to ask anymore questions about it or sell me on it. He goes into how cool the weird Bornean mask I have hanging on my front porch from Hallowe'en is. He peers into my completely messy foyer and asks me if this is a student house (eye-roll). No, I'm not a student, I told him, but he mentioned he thought I would be because of the dolls and masks I have littering up my foyer.

So the boy starts in on the personal questions and just kinda hangs out there. So… what do you do? Where do you work? I answer short and brisk answers. You work in software? What kind of games do you do? I'm wondering how he's assuming that I work in games when all I said was that I work with software. I answer ambiguously and finally after a brief pause I ask him if there was anything else. He laughs and said that no there wasn't, he was just killing time. He hates his job and needs to get a new one. At that point I pulled out my tiny violin, wondering what kind of idiot confesses that he hates his job to a client. After a bit, I told him I needed to get back to my life.

Honestly I'm not sure what that was all about. I'm so paranoid, that I think that he's casing my house. I also wonder if he was genuinely hitting on me, though as crappy as I looked when I answered the door, I doubt it. Either way, if you're at my door to sell something, or represent your company, the socializing doesn't quite work for me.

A bit afterward, I headed off to pick up some gift wrappers, toilet paper, toothpaste and kitty litter. I first treated myself to a Soy White Chocolate Mocha, and then leisurely strolled through the grocery aisles with my sleek silver Starbuck's travel mug. It was actually kind of relaxing. Aside from the stuff I needed, I was happy to find there were still Tofurky's in the Health Food section. I noticed they had some last week, but I had expected them to be out by now. I swear, there was one year where I actually drove out as far as Burlington to find a Tofurky to no avail. I picked one up tonight so I can bring it to my family's for our Xmas party. No more stirfries and lasagna for me this year, no siree!

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