Superman Returns

I just finished watching Superman Returns, taking advantage for once, of View on Demand. It’s a movie I’ve never seen before, that I’ve always felt that I should see but have somehow slipped through the cracks. And now I did and I’m pleasantly pleased. Like any superhero movie, I go into them with a little bit of trepidation, knowing full well it could be cheesy and bad like Fantastic Four. I was never a big Superman comic book fan. The character in general never appealed to me. But I was a big fan of the Christopher Reeve movies when I was growing up, and I enjoyed Lois and Clark from time to time. I never got into Smallville… never really cared, honestly. The whole Superboy thing always struck me as lame.

But Superman Returns revived Christopher Reeve’s Superman in a really good way. It didn’t try to reinvent anything, it was a Superman movie, but it did put a nice contemporary spin on the age old story. I consider the movie a chick flick honestly. Lois Lane isn’t ridiculously hot and unapproachable, nor does she know martial arts or come up with snappy one-liners. She’s not seductive and cool, she’s just a normal woman that a lot of women can relate to and vicariously we fall in love with Superman as he literally sweeps her off her feet.

The other elements of this movie fit perectly, I think. Kevin Spacey was an awesome Lex Luthor, I think. It was very much an homage to Gene Hackman’s Luthor, except less cartoony and a lot more dark. His Miss Teschemacher type sidekick, played by Parker Posey, was all sorts of boring though. Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane was passable, but I think the role deserved a better actress, in my opinion.

I think what I liked best was just the modernization of the special effects. It makes Superman and his world believable. That first Superman action sequence was just neat, all i can do is sit here and fan-girl gush about it.

The concept about a flying man in blue and red tights seems pretty dated, particularly in an age where people like their superheroes to be less straightforward do-gooder type. But I think entertainment still needs Superman and throughout the years they always manage to make it work.

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  1. I’ve never been a big Superman fan, but like you grew up loving the Christopher Reeve movies. I thought he did a wonderful Christopher Reeve Superman and was the most perfect Clark Kent ever.

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